From Russia with love...

In the year 2000 our family grow by the little Chihuahua. Little dogs with personality started to intrest us...

Everything is Russian web-site fault, where we half accidentally went. Only one poor quality photo and there it was! We seek name for the breed and started to find out our possibilitiers to get one a like. It was January 2001 and in Finland there was only two registered short haired Russian Toy.

Our first Russian Toy moved to live with us 2001. In very short period of time we noticed that breed had fullfilled our every expectations as an little dog and we decided to take next step. We went to breeders basic course together and we got our joint kennel name summer 2004. Malenkaya-Mafiya is russia and means little mafia.

Mainly we like to focus breeding and cultivation work of short haired Russian Toys. When we are choosing cultivation dogs, we aim that both of us think that dog has something special. Main goal is thickcoated, healthy structured and terrier like dog which stress tolerance is quite high. Breeder should always be able to answer to the question; why this litter?

In our cultivation work we pay attention especially dogs structure and character. According the standard; healthy structure, smooth movement and strong minded Russian Toy is always pretty to watch. We try to do cooperation as much as we can with Russian breeders, change information and sometimes even dogs. Great big thanks goes to Irina Samsonova and Marina Iozhitsa (Kennel Talisman Ljubvi), without their help, valuable advices and most of all, their dogs we could have not achive so good basis for our cultivation work. Our breeding work will allways be in small matter, because we dont believe big amount and good quality meets very often. We would like to find best possible home for each puppy and therefore we must have time also to get to know our puppies when they are still puppies.

Kennel Malenkaya-Mafiya
Jarno Vallo & Marinka Sivén-Vallo
Järvenpää, Finland
P. +358 (0)40 575 1427