Moscow Miniature Terrier/Russian Toy history in Finland

Important years:

First Moscow Miniature Terrier is registered in Finland. Miniature Terrier is brought from Soviet Union by Sirpa Lehtinen (kennel Jojamintīs). Dog is male and named as Black-Champion-Bonaparte (d.o.b. 15.10.1986). At the same year there is also bitch called Ste-Shihu (d.o.b. 13.7.1985) from Estonia registered in Finland. Both dogs are completely black and standard at that time accepted it.

There was three litters born from Black-Champion-Bonaparte/Ste-Shihu:
v. 1988
Jojamint's Agostini (male, black&tan)
Jojamint's Alboreto (male, black)
v. 1989
Jojamint's Boris (male, black)
v. 1991
Jojamint's Chiquito (male, brown)

Black-Champion Bonaparte and Ste-Shihu become first Moscow Miniature Terriers that is exhibitited in dog show in Finland (judge R. Raita). Dogs were showning FCI group 3 (terriers) at first, but judges were from group 9 (company and miniature dogs).

Finnish Toy Dog Association (SKKY) started an campaign in Finnish Kennel Club (SKL) that Moscow Miniature Terriers must be removed from register because they are mixed breed. Finnish Kennel Club considers to end registerations. Vihtori Hakiainen hears about this. Russian Kennel Union (RKF) donates bitch puppy called Soni to Vihtori Hakiainen. Registeration is not ended.

Finnish Moscow Toy Association is founded, president is Vihtori Hakiainen.

Finnish Moscow Toys Associations first membership magazine is released, editor-in-chief is Tuula Loikkanen. Association is accepted as member Finnish Terrier Association (STJ).

First short-haired Moscow Miniature Terriers arrives to Finland. Dogs are called as Linda and Lucia, owned by Vihtori Hakiainen (kennel Of Pepita).

Rule that denyes cutting tails and ears is launched in Finland and buying dogs from Russia gets very difficult. Associations internet site is opened at address Finland follows Russian example and changes breed name as Russian Toy Terrier, which has long-and short-haired breed alternation in Finland too.

Finnish Moscow Toys association launches cultivation committee and cultivation directive is published.

After long process breed is accepted as an FCI breed with the number 352.
Breed name is altered as Russian Toy. New breed group number is 9.

Breed organization is changed from STJ to SKKY.
SKL launches new breed standard in finnish.

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