According to the breed standard, Russian Toy is lively and well balanced dog. Sometimes some individuals may show too much cautiousness or agressivity. Even tought Russian Toy is classified by it size as miniature dog, it is necessary to remember that it is terrier by its roots and its forefathers have been cultivated as an watch dogs and rat killers. Most distinct character for Russian Toy is stubborn and determined so basic training is always reguired. It knows his territory very well and watches its enviroment carefully all the time. Of course Russian Toy is also company dog. It likes comfort and requires tendernes and there fore it likes to be with its owner. Russian toys are adorable occupies but they also need plenty of exercise and incentives.

Many people think that small Russian Toy with watch instict is not suitable for child family pet. Breed becomes attached to its herb; no matter what age members belongs in it. Great deal depends about owner about what kind Toy owner has as an mate. Russian Toy needs limits; as puppy as an adult. Russian Toy always make some noise. Originally it is watch dog and not even the years of cultivation has taken this quality away. Russian Toy suits for person who like to have small packet of action, unconditional love and firely temperament. Possibly the only element where Toy is not in its own element is snow exercise. Big frost makes Toy freeze. Short- and longhaired Toys are alike by character, differences are individual. Beuty lies in the eye of the viewer; which one would you like to have, smooth lined short haired Toy or longhaired Toy with beautiful decorative hairs.
Usually before cultivation Russian Toy is examined for eyes and knees. Breed is not part of PEVISA system. Biggest health risk for breed are different kind bone fractures; small size ond fierless character is sometimes dangerous combination. Also there has been few cases of birth diseases, but they are not common for the breed. Structural defects and biting defects are the things that should be taken care when cultivating this breed.

Despite the small size and terriers energetic character Russian Toy is regular dog. Russian Toy is smart and skilful little dog, but also from its owner is required to be purposeful, patient and ingenious for the cooperation with the dog will go on without problems. Most common and popular hobby with Russian Toy is dog exhibitions, but Russian Toy also has potential for Agility and TOKO fields. It is very iomportant that you talk with the breeder about what kind of dog are you looking for. Big meaning in Toys training lies with basic training, that is started as early stage as possible. Often it is diffycult to say no for small puppy, but it is even more diffycult to say so when adult dog is terrorizing house and the property and its piercing commanding bark is heard all the way in the next village.

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